Anyspaces is a B2B commercial rental platform that offer a data-driven experience for our users to activate locations from anywhere in the world using a range of venue and space-type vertices

Q4 2023 (coming soon)
10 Months
Real Estate & SaaS
8 Members
Web & Mobile

About the Project

The customer a mid sized company in the technology industry. It has enabled thousands of shopping malls and commercial real estates to be available to any consumer or business owner to instantly book a space for days, weeks, months with full flexibility and without the hurdles of a tedious commercial engagement.

It also empowers small businesses to advertise their space for short term leases, similar to the Airbnb model but for commercial spaces. is already a platform available since last 6 years, but approached Noorix for a relaunch and rebuild the platform to solve several existing issues of usability, scalability and app modernisation

The Challenge

  • User Experience: There were many learnings in the previous iteration of the product and Anyspaces wanted to start fresh with new perspective and new user flows
  • Scalability : The old platform has limited scalability options
  • Maintainability: Technology team supporting the old product wasn't optimal and became harder to manage remote management and maintainability
  • Code Management: Mobile apps were harder to maintain as they were old and native builds each with different codebase and a web version. Fundamentally 3 projects to maintain and update on every change

The Solution

  • A completely revamped architecture: Modern user experience and massive overhaul of UX/UI design, with the help of customer's internal design team and Noorix's ongoing involvement and user journey and experience
  • A cloud native scalable web and hybrid mobile app all as a single platform build on Angular and Capacitor
  • Improved security, automation CI/CD and iterative development methodology to build a more scalable and secure SaaS service

What we delivered

Revamped User Experience

We worked very closely with the customer and their dedicated design team to build completely new flows, user journeys and UI that brought out the freshness of a modern, intuitive SaaS product. The idea was to build something simple and fluid to use, something that just works

Revamped User Experience

Web and Mobile Apps

Migration to completely new web and mobile apps with end to end functionality for listers, bookers and internal team to manage venues, spaces, campaigns and the entire approval process end to end. The product is an extensive platform, rich with features

Web and Mobile Apps


Integrations with accounting solution to generate invoices (Xero) and payment gateway (Stripe) to process online payments for bookings and fees



Our team consisted of a 2 project managers, 1 lead architect, a UI/UX designer, 4 developers and a QA engineer. The team worked throughout the first and second phases of the project and was also involved in periodic maintenance and support. We understood the complex project requirements and delivered a high-quality end product that surpassed our client’s expectations.


  • Angular
  • NestJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS Fargate
  • Serverless
  • AWS API Gateway
  • AWS Copilot
  • Microservices
  • Microservices

Client Review


The overall experience with Noorix has been fantastic. Having a team of dedicated professionals guide us through our journey has enabled us to re-think our requirements to deliver a much better product

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Jamie Tetley
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