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Tip Sheet strives to solve a challenges faced by hospitality venues when it comes to managing tips. From calculating and distributing tips, to ensuring compliance with taxation laws and regulations, the process can be complex and time-consuming. That's why they've developed a platform that streamlines the entire tip pooling process, saving businesses time and money while providing unwavering integrity

Q2 2022
7 Months
Hospitality & FinTech
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Tip Sheet

About the Project

Tip Sheet is a classic start up SaaS company that came to us with a vision to solve a problem in the hospitality space. Technologically, this was not explored with no real solutions in the Australian Market.

Most hospitality venues use spreadsheets or some form of manual process to allocate tips. There is a lot of manual reconciliation, such POS sales, cash tips, who worked when and depending on which department and their tip points, what does each staff get. Tip Sheet aims to solve this by a great deal of automation and simplicity

The critical aspect of this project was doing integrations with multiple POS systems, Time and Attendance providers and consolidating data to show a realtime transactional system. As simple as it looked, its possibly the most advanced product we ever produced due to the complexity of integrations and a complex scalable architecture.

The Challenge

  • Fair distribution of tips: An algorithm that caters to all aspects of tip calculation, such as giving percentage to kitchen, front of house etc and considering time vested by employees, seniority and their hours work in a specific service period
  • Simplifying the administrative burden: The administrative burden of managing a tip pooling system can be significant. It involves calculating, tracking, and distributing tips, which can be time-consuming, particularly in larger establishments with many employee
  • Integrations: One of the tenants real automation is automatically ingesting quality data such as POS tips, employee timesheets and required extensive integration with upstream systems

The Solution

  • A fully integerated web based solution that handles businesses with a hierarchy of multiple venues and connects POS systems and timesheet providers such as Deputy, Roubler and Tanda to Tip Sheet
  • Simple and easy to use UI that helps venue managers to quickly review dashboards of their sales, tip earned and allocations of tips
  • Make adjustments of tip where necessary, fully supported by system audit trail and history for compliance and fairness
  • A highly scalable system that can scale to thousands of venues and users

What we delivered

Integration with Time Management System

Our first integration was Deputy, a leading time management solution in the industry. The integration allowed us to listed to real time events via webhooks and import timesheets as and when they are added. The timesheets are then mapped to service periods and new employees automatically added to the system when new time sheets are recognised

Integration with Time Management System

Integration with POS

Integration with Tyro as a major credit card merchant in the industry allowed us to import sales for the venue directly including tips. During later stages we extended our integration with Doshii which allowed further integration directly with POS systems.

Integration with POS

Dashboard and Sales Data

A comprehensive dashboard that analyses sales data, tip collection and allocation across the venue. Additionally, a tip collection page that gives consolidated view of realtime POS sales and allows allocation of sales or tips to service periods, input cash tips that are received outside the scope of POS and configure service charges

Dashboard and Sales Data


Our team consisted of a project manager, 1 lead architect, a UI/UX designer, 2 developers and a QA engineer. The team worked throughout the first and second phases of the project and was also involved in periodic maintenance and support. We understood the complex project requirements and delivered a high-quality end product that surpassed our client’s expectations.


  • Angular
  • Nest JS
  • AuroraDB
  • AWS Fargate
  • Serverless
  • AWS API Gateway
  • AWS Copilot
  • Microservices
  • Microservices

Client Review


Their team has great experience, and they come to the table with excellent ideas for features and functionality

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Ben Pearce
Tip Sheet Enterprises Pty Ltd
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