What does it cost to build custom software?

Software development can vary greatly for simple apps worth $50,000 to upwards of $500,000 depending on the sophistication of features and solution required. Read more about how much does it build to build an app article that gives a deeper perspective on what it takes to behind the scenes to build one.

Will I own the IP of the product?

For custom software you own the license of the software and can commericialise and use it as per your need. Every contract has unique terms and the degree of ownership can vary. There may be 3rd party integrations or code purchased and may impose certain limitations. For more details feel free to have a chat with us.

Do you offer operational support

Yes, we offer ongoing support packages with minimal development and support hours to maintain your product operational issues. This includes bugfixes and regularly keeping the platform up to date with latest security fixes and maintenance updates.

Do you offer hosting and infrastructure services

Yes, we are certified AWS architect and partner. We offer end to end solution that includes architecture, security and management of a scalable, cost effective AWS infrastructure on your behalf.

Will you sign an NDA?

Yes, we open to sign a NDA that binds both party to confidentiality agreements. Client confidientiality and integrity of our services are of utmost importance to us and confidentiality is always part of our contracts.

Do you have both onshore and off shore teams?

Your engagement is always with a local Sydney's based senior architect or soution designer. UX design, and client engagement and support is always local. We do provide a hybrid model and opt to develop parts of the products offshore for optimal talent availability and utilisation.

How does the engagement work? What's your process

We work with your business as a cohesive team of product managers, developers, and designers to execute your vision. The most important process for us is our discovery process. that helps us build a roadmap of requirements, showcase what the outcome will look like with UI designs and mockups. Plus, you get the Noorix experience which gives you the confidence that you are in really capable hands!

Next up is the product development lifecycle that includes periodic sprints of work with feedback and alignment to constantly keep you updated on how things are progress using frequent scheduled meetings.

You get access to our project management tool for visibility into how project milestones are planned, progressed and issues prioritised.