9/10 Software projects fail as the vision and execution isn’t aligned. Our 5 point discovery process makes sure we help you solve the right problems and are completely aligned

For us, this is the foundation for a clear and comprehensive understanding of requirements, risks, and opportunities, ensuring a well-informed and successful project execution

Some of the basics we cover...

discovery basics

Discovery Deliverables


Requirements Document

A comprehensive document that outlines all functional and non-functional requirements of the software project, providing a clear understanding of what the software should accomplish


User Interface (UI) Design

Wireframes, prototypes, and user flow diagrams that visualize the user journey and interactions with the software, ensuring a user-centric approach to design. Depending on the nature of product, this could be more sophisticated UI design


Product Roadmap

A detailed plan that includes the project scope, timeline, resource allocation, and milestones, serving as a guide for the development team and stakeholders throughout the software development lifecycle.

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